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17 July 2005



Hi. I didn't think so many of the young adherents have left Christianity, so the Economist argument for a modern/liberal Islam seems more plausible. Or are you suggesting that Christianity will win by converting Moslems?! And which Christianity should they reconsider? Perhaps they can take pride in reducing the role of religion...

H. A. Massig

It is interesting to note the appeal of Islam, and a particularly militant form thereof, to some in the west. I am not interested in that here.

Nor am I interested in Christian proselytism of Muslims here.

I AM interested in the civilizational status of non-immigrant Europeans--those who used to be or still are Christian. If THEY do not feel that the sources of their history still speak, if they cannot find pride in the civilization that brought them to their present, then they are more likely to lose their history and their civilization. There is no return to a status quo ante--a kind of mild, post-Christian Europe. That chapter has ended.


Much obliged, that enlightened, and, most importantly, just in time. Just think, six years already inete, but I believe the first time I've heard.

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