Music I enjoyed in ... 2021

A silver lining of Covid Time in my life:  The opportunity to explore some Baroque music.

Domenico Scarlatti, The Complete Keyboard Works (555 Sonatas, almost all for solo harpsichord).   Performed by the late great Scott Ross.  I have also enjoyed recordings by Christoph Ullrich, Vladimir Horowitz, Yevgeny Sudbin, Ivo Pogolerich, Avi Avital (on mandolin), Alexandre Tharaud, Marcdelle Meyer, Lucas Debargue, Martha Argerich, Pierre Hantaï, Jean Rondeau, and - yes - Chick Corea.  I spent many hours listening and listening again.  I selected my favorite individual sonatas as well as playlists of favorite sonatas as they appear in the groups of 2 or occasionally 3 related sonatas (see Ralph Kirkpatrick's book on Scarlatti).

J. S. Bach, The Art of Fugue; Musical Offering; Orchestral Suites; Goldberg Variations; Brandenburg Concertos

Henry Purcell, Suites for Harpsichord. Yes--harpsichord, more harpsichord, and yet more harpsichord

Handel, Complete Harpsichord Music

Girolamo Frescobaldi, Keyboard Works (a selection recorded by Hank Knox in 2006)

I have enjoyed Jean Rondeau's collection of Italian and English harpsichord works, Melancholy Grace  (issued this year) - appropriate for a year of plague.  

A remarkable discovery:  the music of Thomas Adès (United Kingdom, b. 1971). I am particularly interested in his In Seven Days for piano and orchestra (2008).  I have also heard his Arcadiana for string quartet (1993-4).


09 October 2016

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