“Saving America from Democracy”

This post tries to make sense of reactionary opposition to democracy in our country.  The following are sentiments that I could imagine might be expressed by a self-styled Patriot.  They do not reflect the views of Hassagot.  

“I’ve felt for some time that my country is slipping away.  We used to be, you know, Americans.  The people who built this country came from places like England and Germany.  They brought with them their traditions of hard work and faith.   We could say proudly that we were ‘one nation under God.’  Now, I look around and I can’t recognize my country anymore.  People who won’t speak English.  People who don’t look me.   People who are fighting against  God, who want to embarrass me for having the same values as my grandparents.  Homosexuals and so-called transgendered people.  People who want to kill babies.  Effing liberals.

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